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G R E A T E R  NY 

M A R I T I M E   C O M M U N I T Y

Connecticut Maritime Association

The Connecticut Maritime Association is a non-profit organization built by its members for its members. It is an Association made of individuals representing every aspect of shipping and international trade.

Marine Money

Relied upon by shipowners, financiers, investors, ship managers, brokers, lawyers and accountants for the past 30 years, Marine Money International has bridged the gap between shipowners and the international capital markets. Our publications, forums, books and other services are driven by a set of common goals: to make you money, save you money and provide you with access to investment opportunities and capital.


Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (USA) Inc.
ASBA is an independent membership trade association, established in 1934 that brings together member Ship Brokers, Agents  and Affiliates with offices in the United States and Canada.
ASBA advances and fosters the ideals and standards of professional conduct and practices and is a medium through which members with common interests can communicate.


Young Ship Brokers & Agents (YSBA), formally established with the support of the Association of Ship Brokers & Agents (U.S.A.), Inc. in 2010, mission is to bring together a new generation of young professionals of companies in the maritime industry currently operating in the U.S. and Canada.  Though primarily consisting of ship brokers and/or ship agents, YSBA welcomes all young professionals of the maritime industry. YSBA promotes a common ground where younger members can network, communicate, foster standards, and grow professionally together.

Society of Maritime Arbitrators

The Society of Maritime Arbitrators is a professional non-profit organization that has achieved international recognition as a leading forum for the arbitration of maritime and commercial disputes. The mission of the SMA is to promulgate arbitration and mediation and to establish commercially effective legal procedures for Alternative Dispute Resolution. The SMA trains and provides the maritime industry with experienced commercial professionals who resolve disputes in an impartial, timely and cost-efficient manner.

Propeller Club of the Port of NY/ NJ

In 1927, a group of maritime leaders and professionals, like yourselves, gathered in New York to form an association committed to the enhancement and well-being of all interests of the maritime community on a national and international basis. They called themselves the Propeller Club of the United States

Today, there are over 100 Propeller Clubs around the world; dedicated to aggressively promoting the maritime industry worldwide through many of its programs and partnering with other similar organizations. They meet as an international body annually in ports around the world. 


NYMAR is a member-based association of maritime companies in the greater metropolitan New York area whose goal is to promote the benefits of the region as a maritime business center in order to attract more businesses to share in the opportunities available in this robust area. NYMAR hosts an annual seminar, and participates in many area conferences and events.

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