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Greetings YSPNY Members!

Thank you to everyone that has supported Young Shipping Professionals of New York over the past 12 years. We are committed to promote and increase interaction among young professionals within the shipping industry and to provide a forum for members to develop their industry knowledge, foster career development and strengthen their connections with other members.

I’d also like to thank outgoing board members Alexis Lemon-Zakou, Sofia Vassilakis Warner, Greg Chase and Michele Sancricca. Alexis, Sofia and Greg will be moving to legacy board members, each of them has helped sustain and grow the organization for many years and for that we are truly grateful.

With that I’d like to welcome the new board members Han Deng, Eli Ginsberg, Nicholas Kaasik and Maxi Adamski. Tonight we held our first board meeting since the new board was nominated and accepted by the membership, the Directors of the Organization are as follows:

President: Stephen Lyman

Vice President: Peter Lynch

Secretary: Han Deng

Treasurer: Christopher Salmonese

As the new board we are dedicated to the organization, the members and the sponsors that have helped us grow throughout the years.

On behalf of the new board for 2019/20 we are excited about some of our new initiatives we will be implementing and of course our new website! Thank you for your patience while we work out some kinks but I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!

We look forward to next week’s annual Summer Soiree at the Frying Pan and I look forward to meeting you there or at a future event!


Stephen Lyman

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